​THE CAMPEIRO BULLDOG one of the Rarest Dogs In the World. ​The Bulldog Campeiro (aka Rural Bulldog or Brazilian Bulldog) is an extremely rustic working dog. It derives from the ancient English Bulldog brought to the Rio Grande Del Sur and Santa Catarina in Brazil by European immigrant since the 16th century. This ancient bulldog was further bred in order to adapt to the rustic lifestyle , working task, and treacherous terrain of Brazil. Through the decades the name English Bulldog adopted the portugeese language (Bordouge) In southern Brazil, bulldogs were frequently used to capture wild cattle, extensively raised in the fields where they were used as shepherd dogs as well as bull controllers. (Mostly hunting in packs.) They participated in long travels to capture lost cattle and in slaughterhouses where they were used to control and hold bulls. This very versatile dogs are characterized by having a well balanced nature and  attitude to act as a guard and with natural prey drive. (These dogs are BORN READY)